Download the translation file you need:

Brazilian portuguese (João Victor Cal Garcia)

Dutch (Martijn van der Kleijn)

French (Vincent Asselin)

German (Sven Knurr)

Italian (Flavio Santini)

Polish (Damian Cypcar)

Russian (Андрей Шпаков)

Simplified Chinese (Lennon Wong)

Spanish (Joaquín Bernal)

Put the downloaded file inside Q10 installation folder

The translation will be available in the languages list (Ctrl + L).

Info for translators

If you want to help translating Q10 into your language, take into account Q10 in its current incarnation has somewhat limited support for Unicode. Translations can be created for many languages, but more complex ones will present problems.

If you want to try anyway please follow these instructions:

Install Poedit

Download Poedit from its website and install it.

Only for geeks: If you know the gettext toolchain, you probably don't need Poedit. Please use your text editor of choice and the gettext command line tools you already know for compiling the catalog.

Download the translation template

Download q10.po. It's actually the spanish translation file I used to generate the .lang file for that language.

Your browser will probably display the contents of the file if you just click on that link. Right click over it and choose "Save link as..." or equivalent.

Rename the file to your language name

For example, if you're translating into italian, rename the downloaded file to italian.po. Q10 will use the file name (capitalized) when displaying the languages list. If you need to insert an space just use an underscore (_).

Open q10.po in Poedit

Translate away into your own language!

Please read Poedit manual and help file for further instructions.

Save the translation

Poedit compiles the translation every time you save your .po file. If it does not, please check Poedit's configuration.

Rename generated .mo file

The generated .mo file will be in the same folder your .po file is. Change its extension from .mo to .lang.

Put the translation file in the same folder Q10 is installed

Your language will appear in the drop down list when you press Ctrl + L.

Send the translation to me

Send it to me ( so I can put it here.

Important: Please include "[Q10 Translation]" somewhere in the subject so I can filter your messages (they could go to my spam folder otherwise!).

Don't forget to include your name so I can put it in the translations list.

Support forums

[Windows logo] Q10 runs under Windows.
No version for Linux or Mac is planned.

Q10 is a simple but powerful text editor designed and built with writers in mind.

Q10 is freeware. That's right, you can download and use it at no cost.

Q10 is small, fast and keeps out of your way.

Press F1 inside Q10 to read the help card.

Q10 will clean your kitchen, walk your dog and make excellent coffee. Well, not really. But it's really good as a full-screen text editor.


Joaquín Bernal

I'm a Spanish programmer, designer and fiction writer who didn't find any plain text editor comfortable enough.

Ok, ok. I was looking for a pet project to spend time on instead of writing, but don't tell anyone.

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To suggest a feature or send bug reports, please use the support forums. For anything else related to Q10, use the following e-mail address:

Help me

If you find some typo or grammar errors in Q10 or in this website, please tell me so that I can correct them.


Latest version

Q10 1.2.21 (6/16/2011)

Q10 1.2.21

Installable (400 Kb)

Compressed (357 Kb)

PortableApps (405 Kb)

Q10 1.2.21 with spell checker

Installable (1042 Kb)

Compressed (906 Kb)

PortableApps (896 Kb)

Learn more about PortableApps...

Q10 works out of the box in the following languages:

  • English Default
  • Brazilian portuguese João Victor Cal Garcia
  • Dutch Martijn van der Kleijn
  • German Sven Knurr
  • Italian Flavio Santini
  • Spanish Joaquín Bernal

More languages here.

If you want to help you can translate Q10 into your language. Please read the instructions.

Sound schemes

To install a scheme, unzip it and put its contents into the main Q10 folder.

1.2.21 (7/6/2007)
  • Added: Alt-Down minimizes Q10
  • Fixed bug: Ctrl-L / F7 should appear only if language files / spell checker are available.
  • Fixed bug: Spell checker "Change all" doesn't work properly.
  • Updates: German, italian and brazilian portuguese languages updated.
1.2.20 (7/5/2007)
  • New feature: Spell checker.
  • Added: Ctrl-Ins to copy, Shift-Ins to paste, Shift-Del to cut.
1.2.19 (7/3/2007)
  • New language: German.
  • New language: Italian.
  • Fixed bug: quick text doesn't work at the beginning of a line
  • Fixed bug: problems navigating settings tabs using the keyboard
  • Fixed bug: quick texts shows an empty entry when list is actually empty
  • Added: add/remove buttons in auto-corrections list
  • Added: F2 expands quick texts (in addition to Ctrl-J)